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R o b e r t   D o w l a n d



The Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex :
Earle Marshall of England.

II. Change thy minde since she doth change

       1   Change thy minde since shee doth change,
       Let not Fancy still abuse thee :
       Thy vntruth cannot seeme strange,
       When her falshood doth excuse thee.
           Loue is dead and thou art free,
           She doth liue but dead to thee.

       2   Whilst she lou'd thee best a while,
       See how she hath still delaid thee :
       Vsing shewes for to beguile,
       Those vaine hopes that haue deceiu'd thee,
           Now thou seest although too late,
           Loue loues truth which women hate.

       3   Loue no more since she is gone,
       Shee is gone and loues another :
       Being once deceiu'd by one,
       Leaue her loue but loue none other.
           She was false bid her adew,
           She was best but yet vntrue.

       4   Loue farewell more deere to mee
       Then my life which thou preseruest :
       Life all ioyes are gone from thee,
       Others haue what thou deseruest.
           Oh my death doth spring from hence
           I must dye for her offence.
5 Dye, but yet before thou dye Make her know what she hath gotten : She in whom my hopes did lye, Now is chang'd, I quite forgotten.     She is chang'd, but changed base,     Baser in so vilde a place.


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer